Lee Seung Gi (이승기) – Forest (슾)

A beautiful mini-album by Lee Seung Gi. Although I’m not quite understand the meaning of the lyrics, I still get a lot of feelings, a lot of thoughts.

Somewhere, all those times that we were together

I look back to those times, as if I could touch it, as if it was yesterday.

(되돌리다 – Return)

It is not just the words that bring up the image of a man coming back to a place that he used to be, the melody give us that feeling too. I suddenly awoke when I recognized a part of 되돌리다 (Return) in 슾 (Forest). It reminds me of times when I kept going around and around and around the road that I was walking on, as my mind just wanted to go back to where that I was familiar to.

I am going to you
In between the beautiful seasons
So I won’t be sorry about our happy days passing through sometimes.

(슾 – Forest)

Well, it’s not a habit of mine to listen to an album in its right order, but I highly recommend everyone to stay relax and let the songs lead you through this short journey in the memory of love. And surely, you may find a little bit of yourselves there – as someone, at somewhere along this road.


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